Pleasant Valley Christian Academy

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Our Mission

The mission of Pleasant Valley Christian Academy is to educate students to love God, to love learning,  and to serve humanity.

Our Vision

Pleasant Valley Christian Academy will be the school of choice for families in the Vernon area who desire an education which values development of the whole person in preparation for a life of service to God and humanity.

Our Philosophy

Pleasant Valley Christian Academy recognizes God as the ultimate source of existence and truth.  Through the Bible, He has revealed His will to the world.  PVCA seeks to engender in its students a belief in the Creator God and to nurture in them a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Because we believe that all are made in God's image, we seek to nurture thinkers rather than reflectors of other person's thoughts; service rather than self-seeking; maximum development of one's potential; and an appreciation of all that is true and good.  An education of this kind imparts far more than academic knowledge.  It is the balanced development of the whole person - body, mind, and spirit.  It is the school, the home, and the church Educating for Eternity.


Pleasant Valley Christian Academy is a Group I, K-10 school, owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church (BC Conference).  It is accredited by two organizations: the BC Federation of Independent Schools as outlined in the BC Independent School Act; and the National Council for Private Schools, upon the recommendation of the Commission of Standards and Review of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  The school also holds membership in the FISA (Federation of Independent Schools Association).