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Rosemary Fischer, Principal

So, who is Mrs. Fischer? And why is she in education? Well….Her love for teaching began in her first year as a student missionary, where she taught 39 adorable First Graders on a tiny little island called Majuro in the Marshall Islands. She was so hooked that upon returning to college, she quickly changed her degree from Social Work to Education and missed teaching so much she went back overseas a second time.

Since graduating from college, she has been blessed to teach all grades, at some point or another, from Grades 1 – 9. But as every teacher knows, learning never stops and she pursued a Master’s Degree in “Educational Administration”.

A few years after receiving her Masters Degree, she changed the direction of her teaching and homeschooled their youngest for several years (and ran a small business on the side), but she is happy to be back to school! It’s absolutely thrilling to work with the team here! They are supportive, caring and patient!

Our goal here is not only to educate, but to find a way each day to draw ourselves, each other, and our families (students and parents/guardians) deeper into a relationship with God. And we are praying that God richly blesses each and every one of us as we enter this new school year!

Dorothy Bogan, Grade K-1 Teacher

Mrs. Bogan has taught multi-grades for over 25 years.  She spent the majority of those years teaching Kindergarten to Gr. 2.  Her favourite subjects to teach are Math and Science.  She has one daughter, who is now married. She lives in Armstrong on a farm and enjoys spending time with her pets and farm animals.  She also likes photography – especially taking photos of all our animals and plants.

Mrs. Bogan just recently received another Teaching Award. That is 2 years in a row! She is a gifted teacher who loves her students and does everything she can to help them succeed and to grow into wonderful citizens for God.

Thank you, Mrs. Bogan, for choosing to be part of our team!

Shannon Barrett, Grades 2-3 Teacher

Mrs. Barrett, formerly Miss Armbrister, is originally from the Islands of the Bahamas and moved to Canada to attend college. She graduated from Burman University. After teaching in Port Hardy, BC, for a year, she decided to accept our invitation to teach at PVCA. One thing she has always found to be true is that education can be a building block for life, self esteem, courage and success. So Mrs. Barrett has made it one of her goals to ensure that each of her students is able to obtain this foundation of fundamental building blocks. 

Thank you, Mrs. Barrett, for choosing to be a part of our team!

Marlee Waldron, Grades 4-5 Teacher

Mrs. Waldron comes to us from one of our sister schools in Kelowna, BC. From the moment she was hired she eagerly began preparing for her time with us here at PVCA. She has a gentle soul and she and her husband have already displayed a wonderful faith in God. 

We are quite excited to have Mrs. Waldron on our team!

Thank you, Mrs. Waldon, for choosing to be part of our team!

Alina Harper, Grades 6-8 Teacher

Mrs. Harper has been a great addition to our Grades 6-8 classroom. She is very thorough in her teaching and has displayed her desire that each student have all the facts before they make their choices, including their choice to follow our wonderful Saviour!!!
She moved here with her husband and 2 little ones from Regina, Saskatchewan after having taught the upper grades for several years. Her minors are in English and in Biology.
Thank you, Mrs. Harper, for choosing to be a part of our team!

Pastor John Masigan, Chaplain

Pastor John is our school chaplain. He has a definite passion for serving God and for serving in the school. He comes to the school specifically to have a worship assembly with the students each week. And you can often find him on the field playing sports during recess or PE. Or in a classroom for a Bible lesson. His goal is to make sure the students have the tools to maintain not only a relationship with God, but to maintain an attitude of service for God.

Thank you, Pastor John for choosing to be a part of our team!!

Lynda Shockey, K-1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Shockey has been a blessing in so many ways to this school! She is definately a right-hand-person to Mrs. Bogan. They make an amazing team! Her love for God and her commitment to service make her a valuable member of our team!

Thank you, Mrs. Shockey, for choosing to be a part of our team!

Pattie Sweet, Grades 2-3 Teaching Assistant

Miss Sweet has been a blessing to this school! She has a gift of understanding and is able to work with students in a wonderful capacity! She and Mrs. Barrett also make an amazing team!

Thank you, Miss Sweet, for choosing to be a part of our team!

Valya Morozov, Grades 4-5 & Grades 6-8 Teaching Assistant (Shared)

Miss Morozov is joining the Grades 4-8 Classrooms this year. We had several applicants. (Thank you for that, Parents!!!) We managed to narrow it down to 3 and all 3 interviewed very well! Miss Morozov volunteered for the Grades 6-8 Campout last year and this gave her a slight advantage in that Mrs. Harper had seen her in action with the older students and was very impressed with how she handled conflict resolution. 

Thank you, Miss Morozov, for choosing to be part of our team!